Millicent Milroy of North Dumfries – Princess?

Millicent Milroy

Millicent Milroy

On Monday, Millicent Milroy of Rockwood was buried beneath a Monument in a Cambridge cemetery, taking with her to that grave the details of a mystery that received international attention in 1972. The inscription she had engraved on that monument explains the controversy the ex-teacher stirred. It reads:

Millicent A.M.M.M. P.St.Daughter of James and Helen Jane Milroy 1890- wife of Edward (VIII) Duke of Windsor 1894-1972

Duke of Windsor

Duke of Windsor

The initials stand for Agnes Mary Maureen Marguerite, Princess of the Royal House of Stuart. The later designation is based on her claim that her father, James, was Prince James of Scotland, pretender to that throne until he came to Canada. The monument – engraved in 1968 – gained wide attention in 1972 when the duke died. Milroy said she secretly married the duke during one of his frequent visits to Canada.


Although she refused to give any details of that event in later years,she told a Galt Reporter writer in 1972 that the marriage took place in western Canada and the couple had two sons, Edward and Andrew. Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry Wallace Simpson, and American devorcee, in 1936. When asked for prove of her marriage, Milroy said that the duke had taken all pictures, records and momentoes of the event with him to back England. A Guelph woman who befriended Milroy in 1983 said Milroy promised to remain silent on the matter ‘They’ll have to wait until I die: then they’ll know,’ the woman quoted Milroy as saying. She added that Milroy also mentioned a family Bible that would clear up some of the mystery. Milroy, 95, was born in Galt (Cambridge) and went to school there. She taught school in Lambton Mills, Malton, Northern Ontario and Rockwood for 35 years. She also wrote a book for senior students and centred the action in Rockwood. In later years, she was a regular contributor to the Letters to the Editor section of the Mercury as she commented on events of local and national interest. She died at Guelph General Hospital on Saturday and a private family service was held Monday. She is survived by a niece and nephew in Guelph. Then internment took place in Cambridge’s Mount View Cemetery, beneath the monument that put the quite, private woman in the public eye just over a decade ago.

Guelph Daily Mercury Guelph, Wednesday, October 16, 1985


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