New Hamburg – A three-toes “something” prowls the town streets at night.

THOSE MONSTERS ARE BACK AGAIN – It was inevitable, but it has come earlier than usual. In July, rather than in August, the traditional vogue for monsters has developed. Perhaps it is still another manifestation of the changing of our climate of which most people now are fairly well convinced. At any rate, a variety of terror-inspiring creatures are now treading the land and swimming the waters to make what newspapermen used to call “hot weather copy.”

What better place for the appearance of a giant killer fish than a section of the Atlantic near Ile Madame, 50 miles from Forchu? Anyway that is where the “Forchu Rammer” is reported to be operating. There have been the usual narrow escapes and one fisherman said he gave the monster the slip in shallow waters.

But apparently something did punch a two-foot hole in a lobster boat off Forchu, one fisherman being drowned and another rescued from the cruel sea. Fishermen for the hundred miles of Cape Breton Island coast between Petit de Grat and Main-a-Dieu are reported to be on edge and the Federal Fisheries Patrol has been called upon for help.

And in British Columbia, a province famed among other things, for its monsters (remember Ogo-Pogo?), fisheries officials are said to be investigating strange doings in Suswap Lake, near Sicamous. Trout have been reported by members of a fishing club to have been found gouged and torn with marks never before seen on fish in that district. Also the officials have brought to light the remains of an unknown fish, unusually large for that lake.

Out in New Hamburg, Ontario it is a land and water operation. A three-toes “something” prowls the town streets at night. New Hamburg’s police chief, George Thomas, is either playing the “three-foot-high lizard” creature straight or having a bit of fun. He says he saw the thing and fired a shot at it. He missed, and into what did the tri-toed tree toad plop but the River Nith.

3toed_smIf these modern monsters that roam the land and sea at this season have a rational function it may be to familiarize Canadians with the less familiar geographical points of the country. Most of us have heard of New Hamburg, but how many could have pointed immediately on the map to Ile Madame, Forchu, Sicamous, Shuswap Lake or the Nith River?

What remains to be seen is whether August will dry the monsters up, or develop larger and more awesome ones than ever.

Montreal Gazette17 Jul 1953


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