Christopher Kress – Hotel Kress – Preston, Ontario

Christopher Kress

One who will soon be classed among the old settlers of Preston is Christopher Kress, who by his energy and pluck has accumulated considerable property and who has greatly aided in giving Preston a good name as a desirable place of resort for the cure of rheumatism and kindred diseases, through its mineral baths.



The demolition of Hotel Kress. Photo facebook 2015. Submitted by Tom Stanley

The demolition of Hotel Kress. Photo facebook 2015. Submitted by Tom Stanley

The mineral springs were struck by one Peter Erb while boring for salt in 1838, which he never obtained. He placed no value in the sulphur water he had so struck. After abandoning boring, the water of the spring was employed for driving an overshot wheel of a wagon making shop, occupied by one Daniel Hagey, until Mr. Samuel Cornell obtained from Mr. Joseph Erb sufficient land near the spring to erect an hotel. Mr. Cornell with great energy built suitable premises and a bath house with boiler to enable him to furnish hot and cold baths.. His undertaking proved successful but death terminated his career. The property was sold and Christopher Kress became its owner. He greatly enlarged, improved and ornamented it and the invalids who have sought and obtained relief at the Preston mineral baths count by the hundreds.Preston-HotelKress-1910s-001

Fifth Annual Report Of The Waterloo Historical Society, 1917 pg 32


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