August Drechsler – Violinist – barefoot or in slippers

Many stories are yet to be told of those who were once residents of the Waterloo County House of Industry and Refuge in Kitchener. Here is one:

“August Drechsler, a violinist, who, for approximately 45 years wandered around this area for the most part barefoot and in slippers and in the lightest possible clothing, has finally come to rest. On Monday morning, he died in the poorhouse here, where he had lived for some years, at the age of 78 years. In addition to music, his favourite activity was translating from classical works. He used to get paper from printing houses and glued several sheets together, until the desired thickness was obtained. On this, he wrote a line of Greek at the top, and below that, the translation, line by line, in Latin, French, English and German, and in the most beautiful script possible. He was a polite, harmless human being, whom one had to like despite his peculiarities. He left his estate, consisting of approximately $60., to Mr. Jakob Hagey of Waterloo and his beloved violin to the latter’s daughter. He was born in Saxony.” – Translated by: Patricia J. Kauk November 4, 2005

Berliner Journal 22 Mar 1900 pg 3 Col 3


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