William Valores “Ben” Uttley – publisher, author



In his eightieth year, William V. Uttley, passed away at his home in Elmira on Thursday evening, May 25th. Up until the past few months he had enjoyed very good health, but recently he began to fail, until his passing this week. For the past twenty-five years was a continuous resident of Elmira and he was a familiar figure about town as he enjoyed taking long walks daily when the weather was fine.

Born in Elmira, Jan. 1, 1865, he received his early education in Kitchener and went through as a school teacher and taught for three years at Doon. At this time he entered the newspaper business with the old Berlin Publishing Company and later was its editor. It was through his efforts and business administration The News-Record became a daily newspaper twenty-five years ago.

In 1919 he sold out his controlling interest in the News-Record and came to Elmira to live and on Dec. 1st, 1919 he purchased the Elmira Signet from George Klinck and became editor and proprietor of his home town newspaper. He retained the Signet only for a few years and sold out to Mr. Kester. Since that time he has lived retired.
He was an outstanding writer in his time and through all his years of retirement was intensely interested in newspaper work and development. His writing ability during retirement was chiefly directed to collecting historical data. He compiled and published a history of Kitchener which has been used as a reference book by many, tracing early historical events. An original member of the Waterloo Historical Society much credit can be given to the late Mr. Uttley for its present high standing and collection of historical data.

A Mason for fifty years, he was signally honoured the week previous to his death by being presented with a fifty-year membership jewel by members of the Grand Valley Lodge, Kitchener. A fitting ceremony had been planned by the lodge but due to Mr. Uttley’s very poor health at the time, he was unable to attend.

The late Mr. Uttley was popularly known about Elmira as “Ben” and held in the highest esteem by a host of friends both young and old. While living to eighty years of age, he kept in close touch with world affairs and as well read on many subjects. Except for his hearing, he was in possession of all his faculties to the last. One fact might be mentioned which was a characteristic of the man was that his word once given in trust was strictly adhered to, as this seemed to be a very important side of his character. While engaged in newspaper work in Kitchener, he took an active interest in the city’s welfare and served on the city council for a number of terms.

Those left to mourn their loss are his wife, formerly Sara Matthews of Doon; two daughters, Mrs. B.H. (Vera) Tanner, of Toronto and Mrs. Harry (Kathleen) Weichel of Elmira; one grandchild and two sisters, Miss A. Uttley of Kitchener and Mrs. Mary Parr of Detroit.

Funeral services were conducted from Dreisinger’s Funeral Chapel on Monday afternoon with Rev. F. Malinsky of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church officiating.


3 thoughts on “William Valores “Ben” Uttley – publisher, author

  1. Candy

    This stuff is amazing!I send it on to my fathet in law. Although aged he enjoys the history of the area. As well as do many of my family members. Thankyou Candy Robinson


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