Nicholas Grenfell Kinsman a Galt Resident – A Life Well Lived

Called By Death At Age Of Ninety-Seven
N.G. Kinsman, Galt’s Oldest Resident, Passed Away On Saturday ‘Early To Bed And Early To Rise’,
One Of The Rules He Followed.

Nicholas Grenfell Kinsman, wife Severa and son Richard Albert

Nicholas Grenfell Kinsman, wife Severa and son Richard Albert

Galt’s oldest resident, Nicholas Grenfell Kinsman, passed away Saturday afternoon (April 10, 1915) at 4:15 at his residence, ‘Pine Hill’, Macadamized Road, in his 98th year. The news of his death came as a shock to many who had hoped that this member of the ‘Old Brigade’ would have been spared to celebrate his 100th birthday. Despite his advanced years, the aged gentleman had retained all his faculties, although his sight had deteriorated a little and his strength showed signs of failing. His death was hastened by an accident which befell him last Wednesday. It is supposed he was going into another room and made a mistake by walking down the hall and opening a door, fell headlong down the cellar stairs. This fall was the immediate cause of his death, the shock being too much for this aged man’s vitality to survive. Immediately following the accident, Dr. Thompson was called and he did everything that could be done, but no hope was held out for his recovery. It is marvellous that the aged gentlemen was not killed in the fall. When picked up he was quite conscious and the first words he said were, ‘it was my fault.’

‘Mr Kinsman had enjoyed very good health for his advanced years all winter and was able to go about………… hour before he met with the accident which caused his death, the deceased had been talking business affairs with his son, George W. of Galt. He showed remarkable acumen and a salient memory for a man of his years.’

‘The late Nicholas G. Kinsman was born in St. Day, Gwennap, in Cornwall, England on January 25, 1819, and therefore was in his 98th year.’

‘He had heeded a call within him for adventure and in 1844 went to Mexico where he engaged in work as an engineer at Mineral del Monte and other silver mines in that troublous and untamed country. There he led an exciting life and the story of the adventures and dangers he met with would read like a romance. Bandits and robbers roamed the country and daily life was only safe behind the muzzle of a revolver or gun. In those days in Mexico, men carried their lives in their hands. The aged gentleman took much pleasure in relating some of his experiences in Mexico. He was married in Mexico to his present wife, the eldest daughter of Captain Joel Whitburn, in 1850, and consequently they have been man and wife for the long period of sixty-five years.’

‘It was in the Spring of 1858 that the deceased came to Canada with his wife and two children and took up his home here when the now prosperous town was nothing more than a struggling village…………… The deceased always took a keen interest in the affairs of his world, especially of Canada and her destiny as a nation. He was a shrewd businessman and proved a most dependable advisor. He had always been a Reformer, but at the last general election he voted for the late Hon. George A. Clare, for the first time registering a Conservative vote. The Reciprocity issue was the reason.’

‘In religion he had been a consistent member of the Ainslie Street Methodist Church since its establishment here and was a trustee and a charter member of the congregation, although his failing sight and hearing for some time past prevented him from having any official connection with the congregation.’

‘In view of the good health the late Mr. Kinsman had enjoyed and in anticipation that he would be spared to celebrate his 100th birthday, arrangements were being made for a big celebration of all the kin-folk in honour of the event. On Saturday, August 10, 1907, the last day of the Galt Old Boys’ Reunion, a remarkable gathering of the various branches of the Kinsman family of which the late Nicholas Kinsman was the venerable head, was held at ‘Pine Hill’ and at which there were about 200 present. The kinsfolk included the Kinsmans, Wilkinses, Dennises, Robinsons, Roelofsons, and other well known families of the community.’

‘The late Mr. Kinsman is survived by his wife and a family of five sons — Richard A, Dayton, Washington; Joseph J, Plant City, Florida; Harry J.,Paimetto, Florida; George W. of Galt; and Alfred 0, of Merrimac, Massachusetts and a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock from his late resident on the Macadamised Road to Mount View Cemetery. It is requested that flowers be omitted.

The Galt Reporter 12 Apr 1915


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  1. Jim Franklin

    The kinsman house is at the corner of Dundas & gore St gore street was the kinsman farm the barn on the hill over looking soper park & Marion way.


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