light-hearted, witty, rollicking Walter Benn of the days that are now past never more to return.

In our obituary of today will be found a name that for many years past has been a “household word” in Galt. Walter H. Benn departed this life on Monday last, at half-past 3 o’clock. Mr. Benn had for some time past been in but indifferent health, so that his demise was not unexpected. He was aged 58 years.

The subject of this notice was an Irishman by birth, and came to Galt in the year 1832. Naturally of a quick and active mind, he soon took quite a position in the growing village he had selected as his future residence; and there are but very few in our midst but what have on some occasion or other paid tribute to “Walter’s” eloquence, his strong flashes of wit, his great fund of anecdote, and the rich quotations with which he could always embellish any theme upon which he was speaking. His natural abilities were of a very high order, and he possessed a most retentive memory and fine flow of language. His abilities, indeed, fitted him for a much higher position than he occupied; and there can be no doubt, had he enjoyed the blessings of education, that he would have filled a much more prominent position than fell to his lot in our midst. And now, in closing this brief notice of his removal from amongst us, let us treat his failings as we have all to hope that ours will be treated, and think of him only as the light-hearted, witty, rollicking Walter Benn of the days that are now past never more to return. One by one the connecting links between the present and the past are being severed; the death of Mr. Benn will leave a blank in our town that will perhaps never again be filled.

Galt Reporter Feb 7 1868 pg 2

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