Obituaries record the lives of the ordinary citizen of Waterloo Region

Alexander Thomson a regular chap with no outstanding, monumental accomplishments like most every other person in Waterloo Region does have a story.  Often much of the story is accumulated through bits of facts in census and other records such as tombstones,  and vital records. Obituaries often written by those who knew him or knew of him during his lifetime can personalized his life. Generations is recording these and other writings to enrich their entries.


After some time of illness, Mr. Alex Thomson, of Roseville, has passed to his rest. Deceased was a native of Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, emigrating to this country in 1833. After his arrival here, he spent a few years in Montreal, then in 1836 moved out on the farm he so long occupied in North Dumfries, near the village of Roseville. Patient industry hewed out there a very fine homestead, and with his family he reaped the benefit of his labors for many years, ultimately retiring about six years ago from active life, removing into Roseville, where he spent the last years of his life. He was very much respected in this section. His long residence here made him widely known, and we are glad to say that he deservedly obtained and retained the respect and friendship of those with whom he associated. His aged partner in life died about two years ago, and of his family there are living five sons and two daughters, viz.: Mr. Robt. Thomson, near Roseville; Mr. James Thomson, near Strasburg, Waterloo; Mr. Joseph Thomson, of New Dundee; Mr. Thomas W. Thomson, of Fergus; Mr. John Thomson, of Seaforth; Mrs. John Henderson, Elora; and Mrs. Robt. Walker, of Roseville.

The deceased was interred in the Ayr Cemetery on Tuesday forenoon last, the funeral being attended by a very large number of his old friends.

Galt Reporter Sep 19 1879 pg 2


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